Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few of the most common questions we get asked about the Club, if you require any further information or help in membership registration do get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

TELEPHONE: 01264 735241


A Racing Club is often a more affordable option and offers a great way to dip your toe into shared ownership. As a member you will not own any legal or equitable rights to the racehorse, ownership remains with the racing club but you will have an interest in ALL the horses in the club. You are likely to pay an all-inclusive membership fee which entitles you to similar benefits to that of a syndicate and can include; owners’ badges, stable visits and social events. In most cases, club members are entitled to a percentage of the prize money but check individual club terms and conditions. Whereas a Syndicate is where its members, two or more people, own ONE racehorse (or several racehorses) and make a financial contribution to their purchase in return for legal or equitable title to the horse. Additionally, you will share the costs (for example training fees, travelling and veterinary). In most cases you will receive a percentage of any prize money earnings over the course of the horses’ career, proceeds from the sale of the horse/s and/or breeding rights – always check individual syndicate terms and conditions. The syndicate is run by a manager (or syndicator) who manages, administers and promotes the syndicate and who often receives payment to carry out this role.

One year's membership to the British Racing Club costs £300, which is paid at the start of your membership period. However, if you wish to spread the cost, you can opt to pay a monthly fee of £25 which will automatically renew to save you paying each time. Six month memberships are also available at a cost of £150, this can either be a fixed one off payment or you can opt in for an automatically renewable 6 monthly membership.

No. Other than the £300 annual membership fee, there are no other compulsory costs involved in your membership. You will not be liable for any additional requests for payment in relation to the keeping and training of the racehorses, regardless what costs the Club may incur.
We do offer a number of optional services that are additional to Club membership, some of which do incur a small charge, and tickets to organised Club hospitality events are advertised at discounted prices for Members to book. However, you are under absolutely no obligation to use any of these optional services or to attend Club hospitality events.

Membership to the British Racing Club is for 12 months from the date you sign up (or from the date a membership is activated for example a gift membership will only start once the recipient activates their account). After 12 months you will be given the option whether you wish to renew your membership.

No. Although we hope that you will want to remain a member of the British Racing Club, you are under no obligation to continue with your membership once your initial 12 month term has come to an end.

After your 12 month membership period comes to an end you can contact us at any time to cancel your membership and monthly/6 monthly payments.

Yes, you can purchase a gift membership to the British Racing Club in the Club shop on the website.

  • Click on SHOP on the BRC website
  • Click FIND OUT MORE on Memberships
  • Select a 6 or 12 month gift membership
  • Complete the registration form with your details (the person buying the gift) please ensure that the address that you use during this process is the same as the address your bank card is registered to! (Make a note of the username and password that you use at this stage and then CLICK the register button)
  • Check the details and then click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT button.
  • Enter your payment details and then CLICK ON PAY NOW.

You will receive confirmation of the payment and a GIFT CODE (This is the code the gift recipient will use to activate their account when they choose. Please do not worry their membership will not start until they activate this code.

We will post out to you, at your registered address, one of our metal BRITISH RACING CLUB racing badges for you to present to them along with a welcome note and instructions of how to set up their account with their GIFT codes.

If you would prefer us to send the welcome package directly to the gift recipient, please contact us to let us know. Phone: 01264 735241 Email:

A gift membership will start from the day the recipient chooses to activate their account and will run for either the 6 or 12 month period from that day. A gift code can be activated at any time.

We will post out to you, at your registered address, one of our Metal BRITISH RACING CLUB racing badges for you to present to them along with a welcome note and instructions of how to set up their account with their gift code. If you would prefer us to send the welcome package directly to the recipient, please contact us to let us know. Either by phone 01264 735241 or email:

If we do not hear from you we will assume that you are happy to receive the welcome pack yourself for you to present to the recipient.

If you have received a British Racing Club gift membership you now need to activate your account:

  • Click JOIN TODAY on the BRC website
  • Complete the registration page with your details. Don’t forget to make a note of your username and password.
  • Proceed to payment page and insert your GIFT CODE in the box provided and click pay now.

Please note: Your membership will not start until this code has been activated, you can activate your account at any time.

Yes. The British Racing Club organises monthly Stable visits to the trainers' yards where the Club's horses are based. These visits will usually involve a tour of the yard, watching the Club horse and/or other horses from the yard on the gallops or doing a piece of work, refreshments while listening to an introduction and update on the club horse from the trainer or their representative, meeting the Club horse/horses and others in the yard. All members are welcome and in fact encouraged to join as they really are such fun and fascinating days that gives the club a truly special look behind the scenes of the racing world!

There will be a stable visit section in many of the regular email newsletters which will keep you up to date with all the upcoming dates. There will be a sign up button on the newsletters for all Stable Visits. Also in the month leading up to a visit a Stable Visit box will be published on the website dashboard which you simply put your name down to sign up to attend.

Yes, Members are welcome to bring guests. Please note that for some very popular events, or where there is limited availability, the number of guests each Member can bring may be restricted. You must request any guests with the Club.

To enter the parade ring/winners enclosure you must have an Owners badge. Every time a Club horse runs the racecourse will allocate the club with a certain number of Owners Badges. The British Racing Club holds a ticket ballot for FREE Owner's badges before each race meeting. We try our best to accommodate all badge requests, as of yet everybody who has wanted an Owner’s badge has been able to have one. The Club will endeavour to provide discounted entrance badges if demand is high for badges.

It is a very simple procedure to apply for Owners Badges. Once a Club horse has been declared (24 hours before for National Hunt Racing and 48 hours for Flat Racing) a ticket ballot will be published on the website dashboard which you can put your name down in to enter. An email will also be sent out to all club members with a race preview and information about the racecourse once the declaration has been made. This will contain Owners Badge information and an email link to enter the ballot. All members are entitled to enter the ticket ballot for all race meetings. Although members will get first priority of free badges there may sometimes be the opportunity for guest badges.

The British Racing Club will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible and at least an hour after the ballot closes. If you have still not heard from the Club by 6pm the night before the race meeting please check your email junk/spam folder just in case our email has accidently been sorted in there or contact us Phone: 01264 735241 Email

If you are allocated an Owners Badge from the Club you will receive free admission into the racecourse and entry into the parade ring (and hopefully the winner’s enclosure), some sort of voucher or explanation about complimentary food usually in the Owner’s and Trainer’s restaurant/bar and of course as an owner you will meet the trainer or their representative and jockey before and after the race. Please note this may vary at different racecourses.

How will I recognise other club members?

All British Racing Club members will receive a free enamel racing badge in the Club’s colours. At the races look out for fellow badge wearers! You can wear your badge even when you are not racing with the Club as they are smart editions to your outfit and will help you to recognize any fellows BRC members.

The British Racing Club conducts recorded interviews with the jockey and/or trainer in the Parade Ring before the race and the winner’s enclosure/unsaddling area after the race. These will then be uploaded direct to the website so that everyone who is not at the races can hear the final instructions for the running plans of the horse. This gives the listeners an insider understanding of the opposition and the chances and the tactics they will employ. After the race, the post-race interview conveys the emotions of the result - the joy of winning, the frustration of not winning - from both the jockey and the trainer.

When a new unnamed horse joins the Club we often hold competitions asking Members to help us name them. However, this is not always the case and not every new horse is subject to a competition for naming.

Every time a Club horse runs a race preview and the very latest information from the trainer about the horse will be posted on the website dashboard. The club’s race analyser will also write a small piece on what he thinks about the horse’s chances.

Any prize money won by the Racing Clubs’ horses will be determined by Weatherbys  the Horseracing Industry’s administrators, these monies will then be offset by any VAT, racing administration fees  (i.e. entry, declaration, supplementary and administration fees) and transport costs.  After these deductions the prize money fund will be held on behalf of the members by the Club before distribution on an annual basis. There can never be any guarantee of the level of prize money, given that this is dependent on how well the horses perform on the racecourse and the quantity of Members at the point of each race. Membership of the Club is for entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity and should not be considered so.

Yes. The British Racing Club has 2 tipsters providing multiple tips on a daily basis. They are published every morning on the website dashboard in the club tipster box at the bottom of the page.

The website dashboard is updated every morning with all the latest Club news, racing plans and stable visit dates. A blog is also published daily written by one of the Club’s professional sport journalists. Email newsletters are sent out to all members at least twice a week. If you are not receiving these emails please check your email junk/spam folder just in case they are being accidently sorted in to there or contact us Phone: 01264 735241 Email



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